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Contact Name: Mark Hobbs
Phone: 403-314-9748, 403-343-7751
Cell: 403-302-3914

Mailing Address:
#206, 4700 - 55 Street
Red Deer, AB, T4N 2H8

Markets Attended:
Red Deer Farmers' Market, Blackfalds Farmers' Market

Delivery, Shipping or Pick up Details:
Pre-paid shipping costs depends on the volume weight

Product Description:


In addition to farmers' markets, we also attend trade shows, mall displays and more, including Westerner Agritrade, Home and Garden and Christmas shows, Daines County Picnic, and Markerville Christmas Cookie Walk.


Our Honey contains no artificial flavors. Honey comes directly from the pollination of certain crops.

Clover Honey - A white honey blend of red clover, Dutch clover and sweet clover with detoxifying and blood cleansing benefits.

Wildflower Honey - A dark honey from rocky mountain wildflowers and herbs such as fireweed, goldenrod, Alberta rose and many others.

Blueberry Honey - An amber honey from the blueberry fields in Chilliwack BC, loaded with antioxidants to detoxify the body.

Apple-Cinnamon Clover Honey - A creamed honey with natural ingredients added ... All the benefits of clover honey with cinnamon to enhance digestion and regulate blood sugar.

Blackberry Honey - An amber honey from Southern BC ... Contains a high number of antioxidants ... Cancer preventing ellagic acid is also present in high concentrations.

Dandelion Honey - An amber honey from Alberta dandelion fields ... A highly medicinal plant good for arthritis, liver and kidney cleansing with many other health benefits.

Lavender Honey - An amber honey from Southern Alberta ... Excellent for the central nervous system, relieving stress and depression.

Buckwheat Honey - A dark honey from the buckwheat fields in Manitoba ... Loaded with vitamins and minerals: B vitamins in particular.

Spearmint Honey - An amber honey from Southern Alberta ... Excellent for treating stomach ailments with a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Orange Blossom Honey - A light honey from the orange groves in Florida ... High in vitamin c and other vitamins.

Other Bee Products Available:

Local Bee Pollen - Immune-boosting and energizing with 96 vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Natural Beeswax - High in anti-viral, anti-bacterial propolis.

Alfred Taylor's Natural Beeswax Skin Cream -
- Perfume-free for sensitive skin
- A moisturizer that smoothes your skin and helps it to look younger
- Excellent for a night cream
- A really satisfying lip conditioner
- Effective relief for dry skin on heels and hands
- Effective against many forms of eczema, rashes, psoriasis and shingles
- For use on your hands before and after harsh condition work projects: ie: painting, gardening or fishing

Bee-Right Natural Honey Bee-Right Natural HoneyBee-Right Natural Honey Bee-Right Natural Honey

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